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Turks and Caicos Islands vacations
Turks and Caicos Islands


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Turks and Caicos Islands food  

Turks and Caicos Islands food paradise

Your Turks and Caicos Islands travel will include for sure some Turks and Caicos Islands food and dining out. There are a few expensive restaurants, and quite a few inexpensive ones, but most of them land squarely in the middle in terms of price, choice and good food quality.

You’ll notice when Turks and Caicos Islands food & dining that nearly every restaurant devotes at least a section of the menu to local fares. Whether you choose to do Turks and Caicos Islands food & dining at a hotel or a local restaurant, there are some dishes it seems you can get everywhere.

International cuisine is also well represented, since the Turks and Caicos Islands food is a popular tourist request.


food ads

Food ads by Google  

Turks and Caicos Islands food advices

It’s advisable that any visitors to Turks and Caicos Islands become familiar with the most popular local food, which can be quite unusual. When Turks and Caicos Islands food & dining, it’s easy to mistakenly order some food or drink which you know nothing about and don’t find entirely appealing simply because the locals are so enthusiastic about it.

On the other hand, once you’re familiar with the basics of Turks and Caicos Islands food, Turks and Caicos Islands dining becomes easy, no matter where you are.

Finding a place with ambiance it’s quite easy, since most restaurants have a unique local color, but you can also find places with a more international look.



Other about Turks and Caicos Islands  

Turks and Caicos Islands food - always to remember

While most foods must be imported to the Turks and Caicos, the Islands export their seafood. Spiny lobster and queen conch are prevalent on the Caicos Bank to the west of the island. The islands are also known throughout the Caribbean for their bonefishing. Fresh seafood flavored with Caribbean seasonings is central to the islands' most popular dishes. Conch is one of the most popular island dishes, and plenty of restaurants specializing in local fare serve it a variety of ways: conch creole, curried conch, conch fritters, conch chowder, cracked conch, and even dried conch. You will also find lobster served in many different styles. Foods eaten alongside seafood include grits - locally called "hominy" - cooked with peas or dried conch. Historically, hominy was a staple of a diet that included local fish, chicken, and vegetables. Similarly, the popular dish of peas and rice is served with almost every meal. Peas and rice are often flavored with bits of salt beef or pig tail. You may also want to try boiled fish with johnnycake, most often served as a weekend specialty. The Turks and Caicos have some tasty beverages to help wash down a meal. The most popular drink in the islands is a rum punch made with Lucayan rum, coconut rum, orange and pineapple juices, and grenadine. This drink, however, packs a punch, so think carefully before ordering one.



Turks and Caicos Islands Vacations site

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